The Bottom Line on Pheromones

Remember The Bottom Line Here’s the most important point of this entire book: the bottom line to all of online dating is to schedule dates and make sure they happen. That’s it. It’s not to have conversations with girls online, it’s not to make them laugh, it’s not to show women how cool you are, it’s not to “run game,” it’s not to make fake female profiles for “pheromone research,” and it’s certainly not to kiss women’s asses by telling them how hot they look. Learn more about pheromones at I see way too many guys online thinking that the reason they’re there is to talk to girls. That’s not why we’re there! If you want to talk to girls, do it in real life on a first date. At least then the possibility of having sex and/or a relationship with her is more than zero. You can’t have sex with a profile or a message on a dating site. Thus, everything you do online should be one of these three things: 1 . Scheduling dates. 2 . Making sure those dates happen. 3 . Improving your key numbers (date rates, etc.). Everything I write about on the topic of online dating is geared towards those three things. Learn more about pheromones at’re the only things that matter. Use the techniques in this book, and my other books, and you will find they will boost your results dramatically. When you do, drop me a line and tell me about it . I love to hear success stories GETTING MORE Pheromone INFORMATION For hundreds of free articles on how to improve your dating and relationship life, go to: If you want individualized coaching, podcasts, and other information not available to the public, in order to increase both your income and your skills with women, join my membership program here: I hope this book is just the beginning of your journey. I’m always here to help. ~Caleb Jones ( a.k.a Blackdragon ) Only when you’ve exhausted all the women of your race on your sites/apps should you start focusing on women of other races. Most men who have a really tough time online dating women of other races are not only going after women outside of their race, but they also live in more difficult cities. That’s a double- whammy that will really kill your response rates. If you are going after women outside of your race and you live in a more difficult city, I have no easy answers for you other than to focus on the techniques in Chapter 15 and follow all of the other techniques in this book to the letter. Specifically, the users who have signed up in the last week . If you’re hitting 2-4 dating sites, you will have plenty of raw recruits every week to sort through and send openers to. I know a guy / read about a guy who has this crazy opener that says < something crazy> and he gets 50% response rates! Why not do something like that? Because as I talked about back in Chapter 9, you’ll get more responses, but you won’t get more dates. I promise you that guy isn’t getting laid very much. The purpose of online dating is to schedule dates and make sure they happen. That’s it! Nothing else is important!