How do you react, what happens, when you believe you deal with human pheromones?

How do you react, what happens, when you believe you deal with human pheromones? I get very frustrated with myself. I feel upset, low and angry. I feel like a loser. I feel lesser than other people. I feel inferior, bad, and like I’m not living to my full potential. I just feel unhappy and sad about myself and about my life. How do you treat yourself and others when you believe that pheromones exist? I treat myself like a loser, like someone who’s been given the short end of the stick. I dislike myself and worry constantly about my future and about my whole life. I feel cheated by God, and so I attack Him in my mind. I attack the universe. Learn more at and

I lash out at others in my head, especially those who I believe have more “good and amazing things” in their lives… I make it feel like it’s unfair. I make myself feel like life’s unfair. I hate myself, and hate others to some degree. I feel a lot lesser than them, and so I feel very inferior and very needy of them with real pheromones. I feel nervous, stressed and tense in social situations with weak pheromone cologne. I feel bad about myself when I’m alone. I hide away. I get tense in my chest, and feel a sinking feeling, as well as a feeling of hiding away and shrinking away from life. I feel attacked and hurt by life and by God. I feel attacked and hurt by others, and I feel really needy of them. I don’t like myself at all. I feel lesser than who I “should” be, I feel lesser than others and I feel undeserving of my life. I feel stressed and out of my depth. I feel angry at myself, and I feel like a loser. Who would you be without the thought of using pheromones? Hopeful, peaceful and calm. I’d feel more grateful and loving of God. I’d be calm and happy. I’d be secure and optimistic of the future. I’d be loving of myself, and more caring and compassionate of how I feel inside. I’d just feel good about myself, and calm. How do you react, what happens, when you believe that your pheromones are scented? I panic. I avoid the Work. I stress myself out. I rush through the questions. I don’t answer honestly. I’m not still. I distract myself. I find other things to do that I don’t find as fulfilling. I feel anxiety and a tightness in my chest. I don’t like myself at all. I feel really bad about myself and wish for the past. I lose my presence. I am very ungrateful. I get very worried for the future and what this means. I worry that I will waste my time, that I won’t do the Work well, that I’ll never find peace — all these images of pain and disappointment and distress flood my mind, and I feel really angry, anxious and nervous about my life and my future with alarm pheromones. Learn more at